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There are lots of exciting things in kitchen drawers and cupboards, but kitchen equipment is not for small children. The kitchen is one of the rooms that is most important to child proof. An oven door and cooker guard, a refrigerator lock and drawer/cupboard locks are some of the most important items needed for a child-friendly kitchen.

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Kitchen safety
It is very important to child proof the kitchen, as it is one of the rooms with the highest number of dangerous objects - such as the oven, stove and knives. There are also many drawers and cupboards with heavy pans, plates and other things that the child can hurt themselves with. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly review the room and child proof the areas where an accident might happen.
With the stove guard, you can ensure that your child cannot touch a hot stove. Drawer/cupboard locks prevent the child from opening drawers and cupboards storing heavy pans and plates that your child might hurt itself with. They also prevent your child from getting fingers stuck in the cupboard or drawer when closing. The refrigerator lock also prevents children from getting their fingers stuck in it - and also keeps them away from the contents of the refrigerator. There are also many electrical sockets in the kitchen that you need to child proof with electrical socket plugs.