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How to choose a pet gate

31 Aug 2020

Do you want to keep your child away from your dog or are there rooms that your dog is not allowed to enter? That can easily be taken care of by using a pet gate. You can also use a pet gate to provide your dog with its own area where it can feel at ease. Read more about how to select the pet gate that is just right for you.

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News: Breast pads by BabyDan

18 Aug 2020

Say goodbye to breast milk stains on your clothes with our new breast pads! They are ultra absorbent, super thin and feel comfortable against the skin. You can get them in either black or white versions to match either your light or dark bras.

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Safety gates for doors

28 Jul 2020

Are you considering getting a safety gate for one of the doors in your home? Here you can read more about why it is important, how to choose the right product and what other things you need to pay attention to.

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What types of safety gates are there?

23 Jul 2020

What types of safety gates are there and what are the actual pros and cons of each type? Get the answers here and read our guide for which safety gates best match your needs.

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How to select the perfect safety gate

10 Jul 2020

Are you looking for a safety gate, but feel a bit overwhelmed? Then look no further, because this is our guide for how to find the ideal safety gate for you and your needs.

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Angel — 3-in-1 furniture

19 Jun 2020

Are you going on holiday with your child or do you not have a lot of space at home? Then the Angel set is ideal for you, because here you get three pieces of furniture in one product that you can easily fold together. Learn how to get the most out of Angel.

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How to child proof your home

25 May 2020

Child proofing your home may seem like an insurmountable task. Where is it most important to child proof your home, and when should you start using home safety products? We will guide you through this jungle of child proofing your home.

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News: Potty with Flush Sounds

21 May 2020

Succeed in potty training with this new item! The potty looks and sounds like an adult toilet and makes potty training a comfortable, fun and safe experience for both you and your child.

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News: Cradle to Cradle safety products

18 May 2020

Please welcome our brand-new series of safety locks and other small safety products that have been developed with a focus on sustainability and safety. Learn more about our new Cradle to Cradle certified safety products here.

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