Sleep well in the summer heat

We all know those hot summer nights when tossing and turning in bed, and it feels like an impossible task to fall asleep. 

Those hot summer nights can be tough to get through - especially for the youngest members of the family who can't find ways to cool down on their own. Read on for tips on how to ensure a better sleep in the summer heat for the little ones.

Sleep and heat 😴

Most people sleep best at a room temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. This makes it difficult for many people to get a good night's sleep when the summer day temperatures have warmed up the bedroom and the tropical nights are just around the corner. However, a good night's sleep is extremely important for our health. That's why we've put together some tips to help you give your family the best sleeping conditions in the summer heat.

Sleep-friendly tips for warm nights:

  • Let the little ones sleep inside the house - Sun and heat have a big impact on children's sleep. It is a good idea to let your child sleep indoors, preferably where there is a draft - but without the child lying directly in the draft. The cooler temperatures help them sleep better at night. Please note that it is very important not to cover the pram or stroller opening as it can become unbearably hot for the baby.
  • Stick to your bedtime schedule - On bright summer evenings, it can be difficult for children to fall asleep at their normal bedtime, and when you are on vacation, it is tempting to let them stay up later in the evening. However, younger children thrive on routine, so it is a good idea to stick to good bedtime habits.
  • Air out thoroughly after sunset - Create a draft by opening windows in different parts of your home. On a windless day, open all the windows in your bedroom and close the door to seal off the room. It is quicker to cool down a smaller room rather than the whole house, and you will all sleep better in a cool room.
  • Darken your bedroom - also during the day - The long, bright nights can inhibit fatigue and thus the ability to fall asleep at night. The brain can only produce the sleep hormone melatonin when it is dark. Therefore, it is important to avoid bright light in the evening, which can be done with a blackout curtain in the bedroom. You can also use the blackout curtain during the daytime to keep the temperatures low.
  • Give your child a cooling bath before bed - End the day with a refreshing bath - which does not keep baby awake, but instead helps to keep the temperature down. The water should preferably be between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius, so it will be a bit cool for your baby.
  • Let your baby sleep in their diaper and with a cloth diaper as a duvet - Most people are familiar with those tropical nights where you want to sleep with as little fabric on your body as possible. If you, as a parent, think it is warm enough, you can let your child sleep with a cloth diaper as a duvet, wearing only their diaper to help get rid of the heat. However, make sure that the child is not in a draft during the night.
  • Cool your little one with a cold cloth diaper - Throw a cloth diaper in the freezer and place it next to baby in the pram, stroller or crib at bedtime. This will cool your little one down without being too cold.

Always remember to keep an eye on your baby's temperature by feeling the back of their neck.

Sleep well! 💤