Potty with Flush Sounds

Has potty training become a challenge for your child? Use play to help move past the diaper phase with our new potty, which makes transitioning from diapers to toilets fun and easy. It is a child-sized toilet, so learning how to use it will be a fun and safe experience for your child.


Make potty training fun and safe

Potty training needs to be fun if you want to encourage your child to move past the diaper phase. With our new potty, you can make a game out of potty training.

The potty both looks and sounds like a real adult toilet, as it has flushing noises and space for toilet paper on the back. The potty also has a toilet seat that the child can put up and down. This allows the child to feel like he or she is using a real adult toilet, just like mommy and daddy, and this makes potty training both fun and educational.

The potty’s separate bowl makes it easy for you to empty it and clean it after use. This also makes the potty very hygienic and easier to clean. The potty’s slip-proof surface makes the child feel at ease on it, as the potty will never slide away from the child.

Remember to buy two AAA+ batteries, as they are not included.

See the potty here

“With the little toilet with a potty from BabyDan, potty training our daughter has become so much easier. Dawn has felt like it was cool using the potty, because it looks like the adult toilets and it seems like it can flush just like the real ones too.

This has made the potty training with Dawn into a game. Also, moving on to using the adult toilet has been an easy and quick transition, as Dawn already knew how to use it from the potty training and has had no doubts as to how to use the real toilet.”

- Julie Bindzus Gammelholm, mother of Dawn


A child-sized toilet

With this potty, you get a child-sized toilet that will allow your child to feel comfortable using a real toilet when that time comes. After all, many children are not comfortable with the adult toilet, because it seems too large to a child.

They are often afraid of falling down into the toilet bowl, and for good reason - an adult toilet is far too large for very young children. However, once you reduce the size of the toilet so that it matches the size of the child, there is no longer anything to be afraid of and the child can feel at ease.

It is crucial for potty training that the child feels at ease with the situation, because the more at ease he or she is, the easier it will be to advance the potty training and move on to the adult toilet.

The toilet’s many functions also make it a fun toy for the child - and when the child is having fun and potty training becomes a game, the child will learn to be at ease and master potty training much faster. This is because children learn best using games, and that is what this potty is for.

Succeed in potty training

Having the child feel at ease is crucial if you want to succeed in potty training. Potties with flush sounds from BabyDan make potty training easy, because it is a child-sized toilet and this makes potty training a safer and more comfortable experience - and it is very important that potty training is perceived by your child as safe and comfortable.

You can help achieve this by choosing a potty like this that does not intimidate the child. In fact, this potty will seem almost like a toy for the child.

The potty can be a great tool in making potty training easier, more fun and more comfortable for the child. It can vary a lot how long potty training takes, because it varies a lot how quickly children begin feeling at ease with potty training.

Some children find it exciting, while others will find it uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important that you remain patient and respect your baby’s limits. We hope that this potty will help make potty training a pleasant experience for both you and your child.