Cosy autumn by BabyDan

When autumn arrives, so does the cold and darkness which makes us want to get cosy and warm at home. Candles and wood-burning stoves are lit and the blankets are found. We have gathered some of our products that can help you bring some autumn cosiness into your home 🍁

Make the autumn cosy for you and your family

For many people, cosiness is often associated with closeness, safety and warmth. If you are looking to bring some autumn cosiness to your home or your child's room, you should consider the following of our products:

  • Bathtub — Keep the cold at bay with a nice, warm bath. Our practical bathtubs have room for both water play and warming up in the autumn cold. We have different sizes available so you can find the one that matches your home. A bathtub stand is available for our bathtubs, so you can avoid back pain when bathing your little ones. Find our bathtubs and accessories here.
  • Cup holder for the pram and stroller — In the autumn weather, it is nice to have a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to warm you up with. With our smart cup holder, you can take your hot beverage with you and keep warm on walks with your stroller or pram. The cup holder fits most thermal cups and is easy to attach to the handlebar of your stroller or pram. Find our clever cup holder here.
  • Foam playmats — Avoid that your children get cold feet in the dropping autumn temperatures with our a foam playmats for the floor. We have many different colors to choose from, so you can go keep it simple or mix & match to decorate the nursery with many colors. Find our soft foam playmats here.
  • Raincover with reflector — With our SuperSafe reflective rain cover, you can keep your pram/stroller dry in the rain and ensure that you are seen when walking in the dark. The rain cover's mega-reflective coating lights up in the dark when hit by light from e.g. car headlights, regardless of whether the car is approaching from the front or the side. This makes walking with the pram or stroller much safer - for both you and your child. In addition, the rain cover has a column pressure of 10,000 mm, so it can keep your child and stroller dry in both all-day rain and heavy showers. Therefore, this rain cover is perfect for autumn, where there are many dark and wet hours. Find our practical rain cover here.
  • Safety gate for the wood burning stove or fireplace — Many people have a wood burning stove or fireplace that they turn on when the temperatures drop. If you are one of them, we recommend using a safety gate around the fireplace to prevent your child from getting hurt. Our BabyDan Flex safety gate is perfect as a hearth gate as it comes in different sizes, so you can easily choose one that fits your home. Read more about our safety gates for wood burning stoves and fireplaces here.

We wish you and your family a very cosy autumn!