Accessories for safety gates

Accessories for any situation

You can find accessories for your safety gate that allow you to install them in even the most difficult openings.

Use accessories to install the safety gate on stairs, rail posts and pillars. You can also use accessories that allow you to move your wall mounted safety gates. There are also accessories to extend and shorten the safety gate.

Read more about accessories and the various options below.

Stair adapter

Do you want to install your safety gate between a wall and a round or square rail post?

Then you will need to use a BabyDan stair adapter. It has a flat surface, allowing you to install your gate without ruining the railing or having to drill into the rail posts.

You can use the stair adapter for both pressure mounted and wall mounted safety gates. The stair adapter also works with most types of stairs.

Tip: Use the Onbox app to get additional help in installing the stair adapter.

BabyDan stair adapter



Do you want to install your safety gate on a rail post or pillar? Then the BabyDan Y-adapter is just what you need. It allows you to install your safety gate on a round surface without having to drill holes.

The fittings are covered in rubber so that it does not leave scratches on the rail post or pillar.

If you have a BabyDan Maja or BabyDan Lise safety gate, please note that you cannot use the Y-adapter on the same side as the safety gate’s handle.

Tip: The Y-adapter comes in a 100% biodegradable box, which is Cradle to Cradle certified. This means that the packaging will be broken down naturally and not leave any traces once you throw it out. You can read more about Cradle to Cradle here.

BabyDan Y-adapter

BabyDan wall fittings

Do you want to be able to move your wall mounted BabyDan OLAF or BabyDan Flex safety gate from one location to another? 

The BabyDan wall fittings allow you to do just that. They need to be installed in the walls using screws, and after that, you can freely click your safety gate on and off the fittings as often as you like - the fittings will remain on the wall after you remove the gate.

It is a good idea to use wall fittings in all of the places where you would like to use your safety gate. For example, you can have the wall fittings installed in both your home and your summerhouse, allowing you to use the safety gates both at home and while on vacation.

The wall fittings work with all BabyDan OLAF and BabyDan Flex safety gates and all medium and large extender sections with or without doors. They come in white and black, so they match the colour of most of BabyDan’s safety gates.

Tip: You can also use the wall fittings to convert your BabyDan playpen to a safety gate.​

BabyDan wall fittings

Extenders - make your safety gate longer

Would you like to extend your safety gate? No problem! You can use the extenders for your safety gate to match the price opening it needs to cover.

This can be smart if, for example, you are moving and you want to use your safety gate in a new location.

Please note that not all safety gates can be extended, and not all extenders work with every type of safety gate. Learn more about how to extend your safety gate here

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Reduce A Gate – make your safety gate shorter

Would you like to shorten your pressure mounted safety gate? Then you will need to use the Reduce A Gate set.

This set allows you to shorten your safety gate no matter what kind of pressure mounted safety gate it is. You can find the set in a large and a small version.

Foot plates

Would you like to avoid bumping your toes into the bottom frame of your pressure mounted safety gate? 

Then simply add foot plates, and you can keep the family’s toes and feet safe from harm. Footplates are easy to install, and you can easily remove them whenever you need to.

BabyDan foot plates