Environmental certifications

Environmental certifications promote our environmentally friendly work

At BabyDan, we use different environmental certifications to ensure that we are promoting an environmentally friendly transition together with our customers and suppliers. You can learn more about BabyDan’s environmental certifications below.

Why are environmental certifications important?

As consumers, we want to be able to make informed choices when we spend our money - and environmental labels make it easy and clear to see what a company is doing in order to promote sustainability.

Therefore, they act as your guarantee that we have considered and complied with strict environmental criteria. That is also the reason that BabyDan prioritises its environmental certifications so strongly.

What is environmental certifications?

Environmental certifications are your guarantee that companies are complying with strict environmental criteria - we are therefore proud that we are complying with the most recognised and strictest environmental certifications.

BabyDan & Sustainability

BabyDan is an ISO 14001 certified company

BabyDan is ISO 14001 certified, meaning it is certified by the most rec’ognised international standard for environmental management systems.

This also means that BabyDan is working seriously with environmental targets and to minimise its environmental footprint. We at BabyDan know a lot about the environmental impacts from producing our products.

The certification is proof that BabyDan as a company has the resources to reduce its environmental footprint and that we respect our environmental obligations.

This also means that BabyDan is working to reduce pollution, waste and undesirable emissions to the environment, and this goes hand in hand with our work with the UN’s SDGs.

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How do companies get certified?

In order to gain an ISO 14001 certification, a company must prepare an ambitious environmental policy and designate environmental objectives.

It is critical that a company seeking certification is working towards minimising and avoiding the activities that have a negative environmental impact.

The company must also demonstrate that it understands how environmental issues can be managed and that it is actively working to become more environmentally friendly.

It is also important that the company is managing its obligations to comply with existing environmental statutory requirements. Intertek audits BabyDan once per year, and we have been certified without any negative remarks.

Today, BabyDan’s dedication to sustainability has resulted in the launch of the first biodegradable packaging for safety products - that makes BabyDan a first mover in this area.

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Sustainable forestry practices

BabyDan is an FSC certified company. It is important to us that we take good care of nature, and we are proud to be able to offer all BabyDan wooden safety gates in FSC certified wood.

FSC promotes sustainable forestry practices and the protection of ecosystems. When a product has the FSC logo on it, you as a consumer can be sure that the wood in the product comes from sustainable sources.

FSC protects the rights of workers, society and aboriginal people. Orbicon audits BabyDan once per year, and we have been certified without any negative remarks.

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BabyDan has TÜV Austria, FSC-certification, Oeko-Tex, and Cradle to Cradle certifications. We also comply with REACH Chemical legislation and are member of The Green Network


Bio-based products

BabyDan’s bio-based products are certified with the TÜV Austria environmental label. This label guarantees that the product in question has the amount of bio-based materials required in order for it to be certified as a sustainable product.

Four stars is the maximum score, and it means that such a product contains 80-100% bio-based materials. Bio-based raw materials are extracted from renewable resources, including plants and trees. The certification is renewed once per year.

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Sustainable textiles

Children under the age of three have very delicate skin, and their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Therefore, chemicals can be quite dangerous to children in this age group.

Unfortunately, side-effects such as allergies are very common, but there can be even more harmful side-effects as some substances are suspected of being hormone disrupting and carcinogenic.

BabyBan’s selection of mattresses and sheets are mainly targeted at children aimed 0-3, and therefore, it is extremely important for us here at BabyDan to ensure that our products are completely safe for our customers. This is why all of BabyDan’s textile products are Oeko-Tex certified.

Oeko-Tex is a world-leading registered trademark which serves as your guarantee as a consumer that a product does not contain any substances that are harmful to human health or the environment.

Oeko-Tex has impartial testing institutes and they are continually developing their testing methods - this guarantees that our products are subject to the strictest controls in terms of both regulated and unregulated substances.

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Cradle to Cradle

Our boxes that our small home safety product range come in and their product brochures are Cradle to Cradle certified.

The Cradle to Cradle environmental certification has the strictest requirements for both products and processes, and it ensures that the products are completely free of substances that cannot be recycled or reused.

The certification is also a guarantee that the products are made using renewable energy, that water resources are managed properly and that there is a focus on social responsibility.

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Free of harmful chemicals

If you as a consumer want to be sure to make the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible choices when spending your money, you should buy your safety products from a Danish or EU-based manufacturer.

It is not illegal to buy products directly from, for example, Chinese websites, but they do not typically comply with the provisions of the REACH Directive.

REACH is the world’s strictest legislation on the use of chemicals, and it regulates how chemicals throughout the EU are produced and used. As a company, we feel that it is our responsibility to the consumer to ensure that you feel absolutely safe using BabyDan products.

Therefore, all materials and chemicals that BabyDan uses come with documentation and safety sheets and comply with the REACH Directive.

At BabyDan, we would rather be safe than sorry, and as far as possible, we use materials that have been approved for human consumption. We also have all of our products tested for hormone disrupting and carcinogenic substances by third parties.

If you want to be sure that you are buying a safety product that contains zero harmful chemicals, you should buy one from us at BabyDan. We guarantee you - safety is our top priority.

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Green energy

The Danish weather is perfect for wind turbines, and Denmark is one of the countries where wind energy is the largest source of electricity.

BabyDan uses carbon neutral renewable energy produced by Danish wind turbines. This means that our electricity consumption does not contribute to the total emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

At BabyDan, we are convinced that climate-friendly electricity is an important step towards the green transition and a sustainable future.

A green network

Together with a number of other green companies, BabyDan is moving in a green direction assisted by, among others, the Green Network.

This is an organisation that works towards promoting sustainable development and growth among partner companies such as BabyDan.

The organisation advises us on CSR and environmental matters and it publishes tools for working with the 17 SDGs and trains employees in environmental management.