Dusty Rose Play Mat by BabyDan

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With this soft play mat, you have a great and safe spot for many of your child’s firsts. The first time your child rolls over, the first time your child is sitting up and playing, and the first time your child is crawling. For all these firsts, the play mat makes sure that the child doesn’t get hurt when falling. It’s soft because it’s made of thick foam, which is both shock, sound and, heat and cold insulating. When the child gets older, he or she will love to play on the play mat.

The foam floor is 1.4 cm/0.55" thick and made of soft foam of good quality.

BabyDan foam playmat is made of 100% PE and contains no plasticizer.
The playmat meets all applicable requirements and does not contain PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and formamide.
Tested 0+ months.
Complies with chemical test
Product standard EN71-1 EN71-2 EN7

It is recommended to clean the play floor with a wrung-out soap cloth and ventilate the play floor a little extra outside.

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Dusty Rose Play Mat by BabyDan



90 cm


90 cm

Mattress Thickness

1.4 cm

Product Material

PE (Polyethylene)

Material Description

100% PE



Product Number

# 1000-41

Product Standard

EN 71-1

EN 71-2

EN 71-3

Key features

  • Playmat for safe playing and practicing
  • Thick foam that is shock, sound, and cold and heat insulating
  • Can be used as the child grows
  • Playmat made of soft foam